Cake Pan Library

Local bakers, come and browse our collection and borrow a pan to make your special cakes! Take a look at these photos of some of our specialty pans.

To borrow a pan, send us an e-mail or call our google voice number, 816-974-8201, for more information.

We also take donations of used pans, so think about cleaning out your cupboards.

St John's featured in the Northeast News!

"Some churches host food pantries or clothing closets. St. John's Anglican Church is offering a cake pan library.
St. John's Anglican Church, 517 Kensington Ave Kansas City, MO, recently launched its cake pan library and the idea stemmed from congregation member and Northeast resident Dorri Partain.
Partain saw the idea in a local newspaper where the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library system created a cake pan library where residents could use their library cards to check out cake pans.
'I really liked the idea because I bake cakes for my kids and I bought a few of those shaped pans and I knew they weren't terribly cheap,' Partain said."
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St. John's Anglican Church is part of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley,

which is part of the Anglican Church in America,

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